Keynote Speaker

Dr. Christina Wolbrecht is a professor of political science, director of the Rooney Center for the Study of American Democracy, and C. Robert and Margaret Hanley Family Director of the Notre Dame Washington Program. She is the co-author, with J. Kevin Corder, of Counting Women's Ballots: Female Voters from Suffrage through the New Deal (Cambridge, 2016), which uses new data and novel methods to provide insight into whether, how, and with what consequences women cast their ballots in the first five presidential elections following suffrage. She also is the author of The Politics of Women's Rights: Parties, Positions, and Change (Princeton, 2000), which received the 2001 Leon D. Epstein Outstanding Book Award from the Political Organizations and Parties Section of the APSA.

Dr. Wolbrecht has authored or co-authored articles on such topics as women as political role models, the representation of women, and partisan position-taking on education policy, and co-edited books on the American political parties, women as political actors, and democratic inclusion. She is currently co-authoring a book, A Century of Votes for Women, which examines the first 100 years of women as voters in American politics.

Undergraduate Poster Winners

1st Place

The Effect of a Brief Psychoeducational  Video on Attitudes Towards Mental Illness in Middle-Aged Adults

Grace Milligan, Emily Bednar, and Malary Van Overberghe
St. Mary's College

2nd Place

The importance of statistical design in spatial analysis: socioeconomic variables and Superfund site locations in Indiana

Jenna Johnston and Cecilla Hall
Valparaiso University

3rd Place (tied)

A Reconceptualized Structure for Addressing Truancy in Porter County

Zoe Fischer
Valparaiso University

Evaluating the Stratification of Justice: the Relationships Between Race, Gender, and Sentencing Length

Catherine Bain
Butler University

Graduate Winners

1st Place

A Shared Hope for a Decarbonized Future: A National Survey of Energy Resource Preferences, Policy Support, and Climate Change Salience

Deidra Miniard, Joseph Kantenbacher, and Shahzeen Z. Attari
Indiana University

2nd Place

The Psychology of Noncompliance? Human Factors Influencing Go-around Decision Making During Unstabilized Approaches and Landings.

Linda Tomko and Garrin Ross
Purdue University