The 90th Annual Meeting of the Indiana Academy of the Social Sciences
Call for Posters [CLOSED]
Conference Date: Friday, October 11, 2019
Location: Valparaiso University

Students are invited to participate in the inaugural IASS Poster Session that will be held during the 2019 annual meeting. Poster sessions present a great opportunity to share research with peers and faculty, to receive feedback, to identify potential co-authors, and to stimulate research dialogue. Moreover, the Student Poster Session is enhanced with a cash prize for the winner.

At the conference, students should bring their poster fitting the format guidelines and instructions below. Students should be prepared to present and explain their research as part of the competition. Full instructions are included below. More details will be forthcoming.

Instructions for the 2019 IASS Student Poster Session

1. The Student Research Poster Session will be held on at the Indiana Academy of Social Science Conference on Friday, October 11th.  Please check the Conference Program that you receive when you check in for the conference for the location of the event. 

2. The 2019 Student Research Poster Session will be a judged session. Prizes will be awarded for 1st place in undergraduate and graduate categories for $100 each. Judges reserve the right to award additional prizes of recognition with no monetary value to additional deserving posters.

3. Only presentations made via tri-fold posters or standard posters will be judged and eligible for winning the award.
a. If you wish, you may bring an easel to display your poster. Basic adhesives such as tape and tacks will be provided.
b. Presentations made via laptop computers will not be eligible for judging or awards.

Instructions for Presentation

1. All presentations should have a minimum of 6 slides and are limited to a maximum of 12 slides. The following elements should be included in each presentation.
a. Title Slide (including names of all researchers)
b. Research Question and Motivation
c. Background/Theoretical Framework/Conceptual Framework
d. Research Methodology
e. Key Findings
f.  Summary and Implications (for future research and marketing practice)
g. Limitations of the Research

2. Remember to keep your information clear and concise. Graphs and charts work well.  Use a font size that people can read from a distance of three feet.

3. Poster Presentations should be made using a 36” x 48” tri-fold poster board, or a standard (non-tri-fold) poster board. Only presentations made using one of these two forms will be judged.

4. Presenters may elect to present via a laptop computer. However, laptop presentations will not be eligible for judging or awards. Be advised, there are no electrical outlets available in the presentation area. Each laptop must be sufficiently charged to last for two hours. No extension cords are allowed. No audio is allowed in the presentation.

5. Each presenting team is asked to prepare a 2-3 minute presentation or description of the research to allow the judging team time to view all of the entries.

6. Due to space constraints, a maximum of two persons per team may present at a time. If you have more than two people on your team, please arrange a rotational schedule.

7. Your presentation should match the topic described in the abstract you submitted.

8. The dress code for the poster session is business or business casual attire.

It is important that students register in addition to submitting their poster abstract by the conference deadline in order to be considered for the competition.

NOTE: Abstract submission is separate from registration for the conference. You will have to complete two different forms.

Direct questions about the competition to Dr. Demetra Andrews ( or Dr. Laura Merrifield Wilson (