2015 Annual Meeting: Session Formats and Role Descriptions

Session Formats

Session formats include (1) panel and (2) poster. Sessions will take place starting at 8:30 am and run through 4:45 pm on Friday, October 9, 2015. Yes, Evansville is in the Central Time Zone. We hope this might not make a big difference to participants traveling in the morning from the Eastern time zone!

Panels and Poster sessions will take place at these times:

 8:00 am - 8:30 am  REGISTRATION
 8:30 am - 10:00 am  CONCURRENT SESSIONS
 10:00 am - 10:15 am  COFFEE BREAK 
 10:15 am - 11:45 am CONCURRENT SESSIONS 
 12:00 pm - 1:25 pm LUNCHEON-KEYNOTE ADDRESS 
 1:30 pm - 3:00 pm CONCURRENT SESSIONS 
 3:15 pm - 4:45 pm CONCURRENT SESSIONS

Each paper will be scheduled for a specific time slot within the session, and these times will appear in the printed program.

(1) Panel Sessions (90 minutes): Three to five papers are represented on a panel, which also includes a chair. The chair introduces the panel and each author, manages the time for each presentation, and insures that the discussion is polite and productive. Each author presents an abbreviated version of his or her paper. The program will list the exact time for each paper to be presented, the times for discussants to speak, and the time for questions from the audience. Feedback and comments may be provided by the chair and followed by comments, questions, and discussion including the audience. The chair manages the time for each presentation to ensure that each participant has equal time.

(2) Poster Sessions (90 minutes): One paper by undergraduate student(s) is presented as a poster session, which may include poster session chairs. Poster sessions are held in the exhibit hall (Dunnigan Lounge at Schroeder School of Business Building). Each presenter is assigned to an 8' wide by 4' high numbered display panel. Attendees have the opportunity to walk through and view the poster displays throughout the day. Posters are particularly useful as a way to present quantitative research.

Role Descriptions

The Role of Panel Chair: The chair is responsible for introducing each paper and the authors. The chair is also responsible for managing the time for each presentation, making sure no author exceeds his or her assigned time slot on the program, and ensures that the discussion is polite and productive. Please allow an equal amount of time for each presenter (if 5 presenters, 12 minutes; if 4 presenters, 15 minutes; if 3 presenters, 20 minutes), followed by 30 minutes for comments from chair and audience discussion. Chairs are responsible for recommending papers to the IASS office for awards.

The Role of Poster Chair: One or two chairs are assigned to Poster Session. The Poster Chairs should receive the paper in advance, but that is not required. They will walk through their assigned poster session, asking questions, providing feedback, and making suggestions. Because of the more relaxed nature, serving as a Poster Chairs is often seen as a bit easier than serving as a Panel Chair. Chairs may recommend posters to the IASS office for awards

Presenter Participation Policy

Registration: If your proposal is accepted and you agree to present it, you must register for the conference no later than September 18, 2015 to guarantee a place on the Conference Program. For paper submissions with more than one author, at least one author must register and present the paper. If additional co-authors plan to present, they must register. For your registration, please access http://www.iass1.org/annual-meetings/meeting-registration

Audiovisual Information: All panel rooms have an LCD projector and a desktop computer. You should come to the session with your presentation saved on a USB flash or thumb drive.

Cancellation Policy: When you accept an offer to present your paper or offer to serve as a chair, you are making a commitment to register and attend the conference. If a family emergency or some other unanticipated event prevents you from attending the conference, please email the Conference Director at iasschair@evansville.edu as soon as possible.

Poster Session Guidelines

Posters will be displayed in the Dunnigan Lounge. Authors are present to answer questions and distribute copies of their paper. Unless informed otherwise by the section chairs, authors are expected to be present for the entire session. Well-conceived poster presentations provide easily comprehensible findings. The materials should exploit the visual aspect of the poster format. For example, the use of color can highlight key aspects of an analysis, an effective way to help the viewer focus on elements the author believes are most important. Graphs or tables may be better presented on larger pages. Simply attaching the pages of a paper to the display panel does not constitute a poster presentation.

The posters will be organized by section to encourage more conference attendees to visit the posters. Each presenter will be assigned to a numbered display panel. The poster materials are attached to an 8' by 4' display panel. Presenters need to arrive 15 minutes before their session begins and have all presentation materials prepared for quick assembly. Push pins supplied at each display panel can be used to attach poster materials to the panels. Presenters must remove their materials from the display panels at the end of their session for the next presenter.

Poster Session Format and Suggestions

Title, Authors, and Institutional Affiliation: Provide this information on a strip of paper at the top of the display panel. Lettering height should be no less than three inches. The text of the paper should be visible from five feet.

Abstract: Display a one-page abstract in the upper-left corner of the display panel, directly under the title. The text should be visible from five feet.

Hypotheses, Graphs, and Tables: If clearly stated and simply displayed, these allow the reader to understand the research without extensive written explanation. Briefly identify the research design and relevant literature as well.

Clear Sequence: The layout of findings should follow the sequence of the paper clearly. Numbering figures or using arrows greatly aids the reader's quick absorption of material.

Avoid Clutter: Do not clutter the presentation with too many figures and avoid too much written material. The benefit of the poster presentations is the reliance on graphics to spark interest in reading the entire paper. More open space is easier on the eye, and its simplicity supports the clarity of presentation.

Plan Ahead: Preview the presentation prior to the conference to make sure information is legible from a distance of five feet.

Hotel Information and Venue

There are a few options for accommodation. All the hotels recommended below are near to the UE campus (about 5 miles distance). The hotels offer a special rate for IASS Conference participants on October 8 and October 9. Of course, you may stay at the hotels one night or two nights with the rate. Anyone wishing to stay there will need to call the hotel to reserve the rooms with their own credit cards. The rooms will only be held until their deadline of reservation for the Conference rates.

Fairfield Inn and Suites Marriott Evansville: 7879 Eagle Crest Blvd, Evansville, IN 47715; 812-471-7000 (phone); 812-471-7007 (Fax); IASS Conference rate/night, $79 plus taxes; free parking, free hot breakfast, and free Wi-Fi; Deadline of reservation with the Conference rate on September 16, 2015. Book your room at group rate for Indiana Academy of Social Sciences

Drury Inn & Suites Evansville East: 100 Cross Pointe Blvd, Evansville, IN 47715; 812-471-3400 (phone); 888-889-7348 (Fax); IASS Conference rate/night, $94 plus taxes; free parking, free hot breakfast, free Wi-Fi, and free hot food and cold beverage in the evening; Deadline of reservation with the Conference rate on September 11, 2015. Book your room at group rate for IASS

Tropicana Evansville Downtown Hotel: 421 NW Riverside Dr., Evansville, IN 47708; 812-433-4000 (phone); IASS Conference Rate/night, $95 plus taxes on Thursday & $129 plus taxes on Friday; free parking and valet parking service, free Wi-Fi; On the Downtown Riverfront and connected to Evansville Casino; Deadline of reservation with the Conference rate on September 16, 2015. Click Here To Reserve

University of Evansville
1800 Lincoln Avenue, Evansville, Indiana 47722