Journal of the Indiana Academy of the Social Sciences
Volume 14 Abstracts

Keynote Address from the 81st Annual Meeting of the Indiana Academy of the Social Sciences

The Great Recession: Impacts on Indiana and Beyond
James B. Dworkin


Toward a Holistic, Intercultural, and Polyphonic Perspective on Health Care: A Brief Prologue to the Paper Titled “Understanding the Personalistic Aspects of Jola Ethnomedicine”
Fernando Paulo Baptista (Translated by Dulce Maria Scott)
Understanding the Personalistic Aspects of Jola Ethnomedicine
Theo Randall


The Effect of U.S. Import Tariff Reductions on Expanded Wage Inequality
Hisaya Kitaoka
Optimal Enforcement of Uniform Pollution Standards When Marginal Pollution Damage Costs Differ among Firms—The EPA’s New CAFO Rules
Robert S. Main and Peter Z. Grossman
Demand for Government-Provided Job-Training Programs: Evidence from the Illinois Policy Survey Data
M. Solaiman Miah


Rebelling against Lawful Authority? The Vaccination Controversy during the Smallpox Epidemic at Muncie, Indiana, 1893
Kelly Hacker Jones

Political Science

Chinese-Built Dams, Africa, and Economic Growth: Is There a Role for African NGOs?
Matthew Todd Bradley


The Effect of Online Quizzing on Understanding of Key Concepts in an Introduction to Psychology Course
Russell G. Coulter-Kern, Kelly L. Fogle, and Harrison M. Sibert
Using the Family Systems Model to Investigate the Relationship between Parental Sensitivity and Infant Attachment
Diane E. Wille

Graduate Student Paper

Redefining Legitimate Authority: Just War in the Era of Terrorism
Christopher D. Mercado

Undergraduate Student Papers

Case Study of “Hot-Spot” Apartment Complexes in North Central Indianapolis
Sarah R. Simpson
Frankenstein: The United States in Afghanistan during the 1980s and 1990s
Michael R. Szymanski