Journal of the Indiana Academy of the Social Sciences
Volume 16, Number 2


Research Articles

Economic Valuation of the Water Quality in Sugar Creek
Chonghyun Christie Byun

A Comparative Study of Entrepreneurship in New Urbanist Communities
Karl Besel and Yusuf A. Nur

An Initial Study of the Economic Impact of General Motors Pension Benefits on the Greater Anderson, Indiana, Community
Jonathan Furdek and John Lucas

Weathering the Storm: Effects of the National Recession and Statewide Property Tax Caps in Northwest Indiana
Vicki Urbanik

The Most Important Performing Arts Arisen from Shahnameh of Ferdowsi: Shahnameh-khani and Naqqali of Shahnameh
Mitra Jahandideh and Shahab Khaefi

Democratic Transition and Electoral Choice: The Legacy of One-Party Rule in Hungary and Poland
Ethan J. Hollander

Income Inequality and Public Expenditures in Canadian Provinces: Is Director’s Law Still Relevant?
Ken Imanak Sagynbekov

Teaching/Pedagogy/Library Services

Graduate Papers