IASS Journal

Volume 18

Keynote Address from the 85th Annual Meeting of the Indiana Academy of the Social Sciences

A Stained-Glass Ceiling? Mitt Romney and Mormonism
David E. Campbell

Research Articles

Explaining Small-Business Development: A Small-Business Development Model Combining the Maslow and the Hayes and Wheelwright Models
Jeff Adams, Chris Harris, and Katharine A. Bohley Martin

Higher Ground: A Hoosier Soldier’s Search for Religious Identity in the Korean War
Douglas Dixon

Hobbes in Hollywood: Crime and Its Outcomes in the Natural State
Joseph Ferrandino

What Happens if Pensions Disappear? A Case Analysis
Jonathan Furdek and John J. Lucas

The Mediating Role of Staffing on Quality of Care in Nonprofit and For-Profit Nursing Homes in Indiana
Irene Gichungeh and Ae-Sook Kim

Feeding a Population: Agricultural Education Priorities in Haitian History
Kathleen A. Tobin

Cultural Diversity in the United States and Its Impact on Human Development
Jason VanAlstine, Steven R. Cox, and Dianne M. Roden

Weak Presidents, Treaty Ratification, and Presidential Leadership Style 144
Joe Wert and Cliff Staten

Student Research Article

The Evansville Home for the Friendless and the Problems of Female Reform
Brianna McLaughlin