Dr. Matthew Hanka, University of Southern Indiana

Dr. David Nalbone, Purdue University Northwest


Dr. Denise Lynn, University of Southern Indiana

Dr. Stella Ress, University of Southern Indiana


2022: Chae Young Chang – Best Paper in MSSJ Volume 24 (2021): Effects of States’ Laws on Youth Physical Activity Participation and Obesity Prevalence.

2021: Evelyn Ravuri - Best Paper in MSSJ Volume 23 (2020): Gentrification and Racial Transformation in One Neighborhood in the City of Cincinnati during the Great Recession.

2020: Vijay Lulla and Owen Dwyer - Best Paper in MSSJ Volume 22 (2019): Racial Segregation in Indianapolis, 1990–2010: A Spatial Perspective.

2019: Laura Merrifield Wilson - Best Paper in JIASS Volume 21 (2018): Does Money Matter? The Impact of State Political Context on the Relationship between Race/Ethnicity and Campaign Finance.

2018: Anne Statham and Paul Greider - Best Paper in JIASS Volume 20 (2017): The Importance of Unions in Contemporary Times.

2017: Selena Sanderfer - Best Paper in JIASS Volume 19 (2016): Interracial Cooperation and Strategic Framing in 19th-Century Southern Black Emigration Movements.

2016: Irene Gichungeh and Ae-Sook Kim - Best paper in JIASS Volume 18 (2015): The Mediating Role of Staffing on Quality of Care in Nonprofit and For-Profit Nursing Homes in Indiana"

2015: Michelle Jones and Lori Record - Best paper in JIASS Volume 17 (2014): Magdalene Laundries: The First Prisons for Women in the United States

2014: Yaoning Wu and Kevin Christ - Best paper in JIASS Volume 16-1 (2013): Patterns of OFDI: Comparing Japan’s and China’s Emergence on the Global Scene

Honorable Mention

Karl Besel, Todd Bradley, and Wolfgang Bielefeld - The Road to God Knows Where: Sustaining Northern Ireland NGOs in a Post-Agreement World

Hisaya Kitaoka - Beyond Attendance: Key Determinants to Improve Students’ Course Performance at a Small Liberal Arts College


2021: Ken Colburn, Butler University

2019: James Thomas, IU Northwest

2015: Surekha Rao, Professor of Economics, IU Northwest

2013: Chuck Gallmeier, Professor of Sociology, IU Northwest

2012: Cliff Staten, Professor Of Political Science, IU SouthEast